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    Main » 2011 » April » 12 » JetSwap - Best Russian endless autosurfing
    JetSwap - Best Russian endless autosurfing
    JetSwap — ideal site promotion system!

    JetSwap — is completely new methods and services in the field of  visitors exchange and online  resources promotion.
    This system is the most effective way to solve the problem of visits to your resources.
    This system represents the visits exchange 1:2, viewed 1 site, You get 2 visits!

    - Ideal opportunity for promotion of sites and earning money! 
    - Manual or automatic surfing 
    - A unique engine system, the optimized code 
    - Profitable Affiliate Programs! 
    - E-Mail users to send at a super price! 
    - Up to 2 credits in the manual surfing! 
    - Three-tier referral system 
    - Exchange of credits and referrals! 
    - Web surfing - make the site work for you! 
    - Web Directory users JetSwap 
    - Technology SafeSurf - protection against any disruption of surfing! 
    - PopUp-cerfing - get a huge amount of credits! 
    - The system of promotion of active users 
    - Ability to buy or rent referrals 
    - Win the lottery up to 10000 credits! 
    - Exclusive opportunity to increase the percentage of referrals! 
    - Hidden surfing on the site or in the program! 
    - VirtualSurf - technology is 100% safe surfing. 
    - For each active referral 1% free! 
    - Automatic bonuses from your referrer! 
    - Playing "Auction" for loans. For especially gamblers! 
    - Unlimited number of sites and banners on one account 
    - A detailed guide to the system! 

    How does it work? This can be seen at the bottom of the page.

    Detailed instructions for working within the system Jetswap:

    Step 1. Register. 
       We pass on JetSwap . On the first page asking you to enter your mailbox. Specifying it, you click to send an email with registration information. An important point, URL of your site - most users do not have a website, so therefore, we can specify any site that you will come to mind, though, he needed to advertise (in further it can be changed to your own), confirming a letter to the registration and filling out all necessary information, go to your account.

    Step 2. Program SafeSurf, begin to earn credits. 
       Pay per view is in the credits. 1000 credits is approximately equal to 10 cents. Will be accessible to different types of surfing - surfing the manual, auto-surfing, which are produced in your browser and Safe Surf (Safe-surf) - a fully automated surfing program. That's exactly it and I recommend you earn. Go to the "Surfing" - "SafeSurf" and download the full version . Once you install and run the program, it will not open for a long time. In this case, you should wait. Due to the fact that this first run - the program will be updated to the latest version and it will take some time. After that she started. Further, everything is simple - choose the auto surf or manual surf, to have more sites to view. Now, when the program opens, I suggest to put all the checkboxes in this position, as shown:

      I note that in the manual surf you will receive from one to 2 credits per view, and on auto surfing (when there is nothing to click is not necessary) from 0.5 to 1 credit. In the graph auto purchase(Автовыкуп) put 1x100 this option allows you to buy credit system itself, and it is 10-30% more than on an exchange, but they are redeemed so rarely. I advise you to run this program at any time when the computer is turned on, the program SafeSurf can minimize it to tray, NEVER do this! So how do you earn a lot less credit. Need to move the program into the side or down so as not to interfere. If the same program, for whatever reason could not be established, then I recommend you work through a standard browser.

    How to earn more credits?

      Whitelist after registering and installing the Safe-surf, I strongly recommend to start earning. Why? Active newcomers, who will earn more than 300 loans a day, the system assigns a status of "Super Active" And this status implies an increase in pay-per-view sites in 2 times. In Manual surfing - 2 credits per view and automatically - 1 credit per view. Only need to maintain daily activity. If you have a dynamic IP (changes when reconnected), then you can disconnect the internet connection and connect again. Thus, you change the IP address and re-get the same amount of work.

    Step 3. Exchange credits for money. 
       Credit - internal currency. Price for loans are constantly in the range of 12.8 cents per thousand. Sell ​​loans at this price you can instantly on the exchange of credits, which is located in the "Account" - "Points stock." In the left column you can set the loans more expensive and waiting for your bet someone close, while the right one can immediately sell everything (close foreign rates), then the money will go directly to the account.

    How does it work? This can be seen at the bottom of the page.

       Jetswap works steadily and pays here for 7 years! And is one of the best services for the active promotion of advertising. This is a fairly simple form of earning on the machine. Really do almost nothing. And the lack of work and additional earnings. Good luck and great income!

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